Reykjavik Judo Open 29th of January 2022 at RIG

Competition venue: Laugardalsholl, Engjavegur 8, 104 Reykjavik, approximately 700 meters from official hotel, Grand Hotel Reykjavik.

Participation age and grade: Born 2007 and before and min 2. Kyu

Competition system

Double repechage or pool competition system.

2 entries will be combined with the next weight class above.

3-5 entries single pool, 6-7 entries, double pool.

8 and more entries, repechage competition system.

Weigh in

1kg tolerance is permitted for each weight category.

Blue and white judogis is required.

Every competitor must have an international insurance for injuries. No insurance is provided by the organizers.

Entry: Before 17th of January 2022.

Entry form Should be sent to

Transport form Should be sent to

Entry fee: Entry fee is 50 euros. Payments are done via following bank account.

Judo Federation of Iceland

Arion Banki

IBAN: IS55 0323 2600 0202 4502 7407 09



Friday 28th of January

15:00-18:00         Accreditation, Grand Hotel Reykjavik

15:00-18:00         unofficial weight-in, Grand Hotel Reykjavik

18:00-19:00         Official Weight-in, Grand Hotel Reykjavik

20:00-21:00         Draw

Saturday 29th of January

10:00 All weight categories, men and women preliminaries/Repechage

14:00 Final blocks

Sunday 26th of January

10:00-11:30         Training camp at Ármann sportsclub, address: Íþróttamiðstöðin Laugaból, Engjavegur 7, Reykjavík (just across the street from the competition venue Laugardalshöllin)


The official hotel is Grand Hotel Reykjavik, Sigtún 38, 105 Reykjavik, phone 0354 514 8000 (about 700 meters from the competition venue Laugardalshöllin).

Room prices. Single: 18900 Ikr ; Twin: 20900 Ikr ; Triple: 25900 Ikr

Please make your reservations via or by phone: +354 514 8000

Booking number: BH00619859

Bus to Hotels

From Keflavik airport there is a bus connection to Reykjavik bus terminal (BSÍ) and the travel takes about 45 min. And from BSÍ is about 5 min by taxi to Grand Hotel Reykjavik. It is also possible to buy bus ticket from Keflavik to BSÍ to Grand Hotel.


Judo Federation of Iceland

Phone: +354 6923595




Reykjavik JUDO OPEN 2022 Outlines