Nú eru komnar nýjar reglur um merkingar á júdóbúningum á IJF og EJU mótum.  Þeir aðilar sem ætla sér að keppa á IJF og EJU mótum eftir áramót verða að hafa þessar merkingar á búningunum sínum. Munið eftir að panta tímanlega merkingu á bakið. Einstaklingurinn sjálfur eða klúbburinn getur pantað á neðangreindum tengli. Ítrekið þetta við ykkar keppendur því það fær enginn að keppa án merkinganna.


Dear Presidents,

Dear General Secretaries,

I like to remind you, that the new rules for using the official backnumber will start on 1. January.

The Deliverytime in the beginning can be 4 weeks.

A lot of countries of Europe and also the other continents has ordered till now, but some federations show us now reaction till today.

It would be a pity if your Judoka go to the first competition in January without this official Backnumber and loos the right to compete, because of no information.

Please give them the information about the orderprocess, because every Judoka is responsible by self, to have this new corporate design prepared on his Judogi.

Of course, federations can order the backnumbers too, but also every single person. It is not neccessary that all federations has to pay all backnumbers for there competitors


I hope that we will meet us in the congress in Dsseldorf. There we will explane you again the new system with the two parts of Numbers.

  1. Name and country must be prepared from every Judoka in advance before arriving to competition.
  1. Part for advertising, will be handed out for everybody for free through Organizer during the accreditation of every competition. It is a new self-adhesive material proofed for good grip and affixed on the Kimono in 10 seconds. This new part for advertising is for using one time and allow to work with different sponsors in every competition.  It means Judoka never has to hand over their Judogi for sawing the backnumbers one day before the competition.

In advance I ask you for taking the link for the orderprocess on your official Homepage and also to inform your clubs and coaches about the new rule.